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Newsana has a new owner

Dear Newsanaites,

It is with great joy (and a touch of grieving) that I hereby announce has been purchased by my friends at Relish Interactive.

Don’t worry – Newsana is in good hands. Relish has vowed to not only keep Newsana up and running, but to take our community to the next level.

Relish is one of Toronto’s most accomplished digital development shops, with a growing portfolio of digital content startups under their roof. Newsana will fit right in there – especially considering their team has played a huge role in building Newsana from day one. All said, I’m confident that under Relish’s watch will only get stronger with age.

On a personal note, thank you. Thank you for being a part of Newsana and thank you for making this one of the most rewarding periods of my professional life. I’ve learned heaps about start-ups, digital media, management and myself. I even know a little about coding, hipsters and cat photos now. It’s been a great ride (except for the damn cat photos)!

Warm Regards,
Ben Peterson


NewsanaPlus is hiring an editorial intern

NewsanaPlus (a new sister site to Newsana) has an internship position open; we’re looking for folks that are hungry to learn about the digital news business. The successful candidate will be expected to work full time until the end of the summer. A stipend will be provided.

NewsanaPlus is a news platform—we make it easy for wonks and big thinkers to create, curate and sell their very own digital newsmagazines. Curators combine their own analysis with links to top stories, providing their subscribers with insights you can’t find anywhere else.

• Ravenously hungry to succeed
• Passionate about news and ideas
• Highly organized
• First-rate online communication skill and etiquette
• Social media savvy
• Excellent writing and grammar skills
• Dedication to solving problems and seeing things through to completion
• Good judgment

Extra points for…
• Journalism or copywriting experience, especially if in a newsroom or marketing environment
• Customer support/social media or community management experience in an online environment
• Previous experience in a startup or small company
• Coding abilities

• Passionate about news and ideas
• A hectic start-up where everyone wears many hats (and loves it!)
• Collaborative and fun
• A collegial environment, with minimal supervision
• Open to your ideas – you’ll have an amazing opportunity to experiment and build up your portfolio
• Believe that everything can and must be measured

Daily Responsibilities include:
• Learning as much as possible from this internship
• Liaising with NewsanaPlus curators
• Compiling Newsanaplus newsmagazines
• Checking newsmagazines for errors before publication
• Implementing improvements to NewsanaPlus newsmagazine formats

Internship Length and Location:
This is a three month internship is based in Toronto, ON. A small stipend will be provided. There possibility for renewal and/or part-time work based on performance.

Start date:

Application Deadline:
Rolling deadline. The sooner you submit your application the better.

Apply to:
Please send 1) a cover letter, 2) CV and 3) your LinkedIn profile URL in a brief email describing why you’d make a first-rate intern to Ben Peterson.


Facebook Acquires Newsana for $1B

Newsana Incorporated is mildly-pleased to announce today that it has been acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. Newsana will continue to operate independently from Facebook for the foreseeable future.

This purchase—a landmark for Toronto’s burgeoning start-up scene—follows in the wake of Facebook’s other recent buzz-worthy purchases of WhatsApp and Oculus Rift.

Newsana, launched less than one year ago, is a community-based news curation platform. This purchase makes the company, which has been called a “high-brow version of Reddit,” one of the most valuable digital media companies on the planet—on paper at least.

The $1 billion purchase price will be paid entirely in WhatsApp stock.

“We ramped up the price of WhatsApp so ridiculously high when we bought it for $19 billion dollars (laughs), we might as well put some of that equity to good use,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

Some industry experts have questioned the seemingly large price tag of the Newsana acquisition. But Facebook has been quick to counter.

“We just heard about Newsana the other day and we thought it looked cool. And, OK, we don’t know exactly how many users or how much revenue they have, nor do we really care about that stuff. What we do look at is the fact we have lots artificially expensive WhatsApp equity lying around and, to be honest, we really don’t know what to do with it. If we can find a sucker to take it in return for their company, great.”

Ben Peterson, Newsana’s CEO, said “Are we happy? Kind of. Listen, we’re in the $1 billion dollar club. Yes, a few weeks ago that $1 billion in WhatsApp stock might have been worth less than a pack of smokes, but at least on paper I look like a huge success. Oh, and what the hell does Oculus Rift mean anyways?”

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Ben Peterson, well, you’re out of luck. He’s at a 2-star all-inclusive in Haiti. And he wishes you a happy April Fool’s Day.

Ben and Mark (1)

Top 5 Pitches of the Week

On a weekly basis we feature the “Top 5 Pitches of the Week” to showcase the stories that are generating the most buzz and to celebrate the brainy members who shared them. We want to know who is elevating the conversation!

This week the community was discussing conflict & war, health, and climate change.

1. Caroline Kalaydjian started a discussion on “Putin’s long game? Meet the Eurasian Union

Story 1


2. Jennifer Dawson shared “Large-scale study will determine whether chocolate pills can prevent heart attacks, strokes

Story 2


3. Kokulan Mahendiran pitched “How Europe is turning to North America to wean itself off Russian energy exports

Story 3


4. Derek Markham posted “Global warming to global famine: Scientists warn of lower crop yields due to climate change

Story 4


5. Michael Welyki found “‘Anyone with sense of fairness should accept the choice of the Crimeans’

Story 5


Top 5 Pitches of the Week

Extending a big welcome to all new community members and thank you to all members who continue to contribute. The team appreciates all sharing, commenting and voting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Newsana is a community based online website where members not only engage with the content, but create it. On a weekly basis, the team features the “Top 5 Pitches of the Week” to find out who is generating the most buzz. Top pitches are determined by number of votes and comments. We want to know who is elevating the conversation!

This week the community was discussing publishing, human rights, war and conflict, Canadian politics, and books.

1. Tim Doyle shared The web at 25: tools for journalists


2. Kokulan Mahendiran found Erol Araf: The man who saved the world


3. Caroline Kalaydjian discussed 140 Toronto neighbourhoods ranked by new ‘equity score’


4. Alistair Leyland discussed Here Are the 5 Companies Making a Killing Off Wars Around the World


5. Jennifer Dawson pitched Survey shows deep class divide in reading habits

Newsana Viral Video!

Hey there Newsana Junkies! We know you love Newsana, So not only can you be a part of the ever-growing community, But now we are offering the opportunity to join us in a Viral Video! Thats right. We are making a Video to promote NewsanaPlus! the newest service offered by the creative minds who bought you Newsana!


“Whats in it for me?” you may be asking, Well if you choose to join our venture into the viral video world, you will be entered into a contest. The MOST creative video we receive will be the winner! Newsana will promote your “online persona” Via Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin!


How do i send in my Video you may ask?! Good question! Please email: mark(@) He will send for information on where to go from there! Its so simple! All you need to do is tell us why you love Newsana!

See you guys online!



Top 5 Pitches of the Week

Extending a big welcome to all new community members and thank you to all members who continue to contribute.  The team would like to send out a special thanks to those who participated in this week’s online live chat: “Joining the Same Team: LGBT Discrimination and Athletics, Sochi 2014”.  The lively discussion served as a great way to both celebrate the start of the Olympic Winter Games and elevate the conversation.

Newsana is a community based online website where members not only engage with the content, but create it.  On a weekly basis, the team features the “Top 5 Pitches of the Week” to find out who is generating the most buzz.  Top pitches are determined by number of votes and comments.

This week the community was discussing Israeli boycott controversy, personal development, eating habits, genocide and e-books.

1. Kokulan Mahendiran leaves a tip: Jason Kenney Takes a Jab at Oxfam Charity for Israeli Boycott Controversy Involving Scarlett Johansson

2.  Martin Pelletier turns obstacles to opportunities: Rising Above Your Circumstances

3. Lori Shemek warns against the sweet tooth: Eating Too Much Added Sugar May Be Killing You

4. Marie Lamensch makes a stand: Burma Could be the Site of the World’s Next Genocide

5.  Jennifer Dawson starts a battle: Apple Faces $840 Million E-books Claim, Fights Monitor 






Joining the Same Team: LGBT Discrimination and Athletics, Sochi 2014

As controversy and excitement continues to mount, celebrate the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics with Newsana.  To get started, read and post the most intriguing stories surrounding the games on our new Sochi, 2014 topic page.

This Thursday, join us for a live web chat on the perils faced by openly gay athletes, with a special focus on the Sochi winter games. Our panelists include a wide-cross section of athletes and activists with a personal stake in this issue. Put it in your calendar or sign up today at

Date: Thursday, February 6.

Time: 12 noon (EST) for one hour.


Hashtag: #NewsanaSochi


Michael Bach (@diversity_dude): Founder of Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (@CIDI_ICDI)

Jeremy Foreshew (@jeremyforeshew): Managing Director of GET Out Canada (@GETOutCanada)

Danny Glenwright (@DGlenwright): Managing Editor of Daily Xtra (@dailyxtra)

Brian Kitts: Co-Founder of You Can Play Project (@YouCanPlayTeam)

Erin McLeod (@erinmcleod18): Olympic Bronze Medalist, Soccer

Ben Peterson (@benpetey): Co-Founder of Newsana (@mynewsana)

Douglas Robb:  Founder of Health Habits (@HealthHabits)

Daniel Vaudrin (@DanYulMtl): Co-President, Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) (@GLISAINTL)

This is an open discussion where you can interact and discuss with professionals in the field and like-minded individuals.  We invite everyone in our community to participate.  To take part, just visit and insert your e-mail address. We will send you an e-mail reminder before the event begins.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Laura with any questions.

See you there,

Team Newsana

Newsana Community Member Profile – Riva Sorkin


Riva is a Registered Dietitian who provides nutritional counseling and consulting to clients on a wide variety of topics including weight management, diabetes, sports and pediatric nutrition.
She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University (NYU) and a Master’s Degree in Child Development from Tufts University. Riva has worked as a pediatric clinical dietitian at the Brooklyn Hospital Center and provided private counseling in the New York City area. Riva is licensed with the College of Dietitians of Ontario and the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) in the USA. She is an active member of Dietitians of Canada and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Riva has a lifestyle-minded approach, which is based on the individual’s daily routine and integrates positive eating habits, realistic food plans, and active living. She believes that with education, support and dedication anyone can achieve their nutritional goals while still enjoying the foods they desire.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, Riva works at Toronto General Hospital.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, running, rock climbing, reading, traveling and sampling cuisine from around the world.

What makes a great social media site? 

I think the most important aspect is usability. A social media site needs to have a user-friendly interface so that anyone can access and navigate it. The content needs to be accurate, relevant and I personally like it when it is presented in a brief, yet concise, and comprehensive manner. Social media sites need to be updated and maintained regularly. Also, a good social media site should not be covered with advertisements and other annoying pop-up content.

Where do you go for great content online? Why there?

A lot of places! I always check out online newspaper sites (NY times, WSJ, Globe and Mail) as the content is accurate for the most part. I also visit Science Daily for the latest news on various research. In terms of thought pieces/opinions, I tend to read other news-aggregator/blog sites such as Huffington Post as it covers a variety of topics. Overall, I guess it really depends on what I’m looking for. I admit that I do read some of the fun Buzzfeed articles (i.e. “50 things only 80’s kids can understand”).

What’s your favourite type of content (infographics, interviews, thought pieces, studies, etc) and why?

Since I’m in the science field, I do prefer studies, but again it really depends on the topic. I enjoy studies, as long as they are conducted in a scientific manor (not as a party trick in one’s basement).

I enjoy studies, as long as they are conducted in a scientific manor (not as a party trick in one’s basement ). Since I am a visual person and prefer information in a concise and brief form, I find infographics to be helpful.

Which of your Newsana pitches are you most proud of?

I’ve only just recently joined, but probably, “Popular Diet Theory Debunked” because there is so much nutrition/diet advice out there that is complete junk.  I’m glad that in this case of the ‘Blood Type Diet’

based on somebody’s opinion and then winds up over-hyped with tons of followers, so I’m glad that in this case of the ‘Blood Type diet’ some researchers were able to prove that it is pretty much BS (sorry, but i couldn’t think of a better way to put it).

What’s the best part of Newsana?

The fact that there are so many topics covered and the articles are always fairly recent and relevant. It is a very easy site to navigate and it’s always a little ego-boosting when someone ‘votes’ for your story. I also like being able to discuss the content of the articles with other Newsana members.



Top 5 Pitches of the Week

Extending a big welcome to all new community members and thank you to all members who continue to contribute.  The team appreciates all sharing, comments and votes.  Please take note of the website’s new “Sochi 2014: Olympic Games” topic being revealed this week.  Looking forward to many winning pitches!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Newsana is a community based online website where members not only engage with the content, but create it.  On a weekly basis, the team features the “Top 5 Pitches of the Week” to find out who is collecting the most merit.  Top pitches are determined by number of votes and comments.  We want to know who is elevating the conversation!

This week the community was discussing means of travel, new and improved technology, the evolution of music, millennial problems and quantum vibrations.

1. Kokulan Mahendiran races to take first place: Twice as Fast as Concorde: the Supersonic Jet That Will Fly from London to New York in TWO HOURS

2. John Tsop crosses dimensions: Cheaper 3D Printers Revealed at CES 2014

3. David Sciacero traces the history of rhythm: Google Analyzed Our MP3 Libraries to Visualize the Evolution of Music


4. Joel Rabel solves an age-old question: Scientists from Astana Solves One of the Most Difficult Math Problems of Millennium

5. Douglas Robb makes a discovery: Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in “Microtubules” Inside Brain Neurons Supports Controversial Theory of Conscousness