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Newsana Viral Video!

Hey there Newsana Junkies! We know you love Newsana, So not only can you be a part of the ever-growing community, But now we are offering the opportunity to join us in a Viral Video! Thats right. We are making a Video to promote NewsanaPlus! the newest service offered by the creative minds who bought you Newsana!


“Whats in it for me?” you may be asking, Well if you choose to join our venture into the viral video world, you will be entered into a contest. The MOST creative video we receive will be the winner! Newsana will promote your “online persona” Via Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin!


How do i send in my Video you may ask?! Good question! Please email: mark(@) He will send for information on where to go from there! Its so simple! All you need to do is tell us why you love Newsana!

See you guys online!



Newsana Community Member Profile – Petite Fromage

Newsana’s top new member is Petite Fromage
 Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.13.40 AM
A little about me:
Petite was born in Melbourne, Australia and being quite independent Petite moved out of home when I was 15. Completing my education while working full time was incredibly challenging but she was so grateful that she made this choice. Petite learnt the value of working hard to achieve her goals.In 2009 Petite went backpacking through Vietnam which ignited her passion for travel. Immersing myself in the Vietnamese culture, befriending some locals, visiting some of the sweatshops and orphanages was a real eye-opening experience; it has helped shape the person Petite  is today. It made me value the things in life that are typically taken for granted, it developed my passion for continued learning and to question my current value systems. Upon returning to Australia she began making smarter consumer choices and she stopped watching television entirely.

After her holiday abroad she wanted her work and life to have some meaning so Petite found employment for a not-for-profit organisation working in Human Resources. Although my employment was successful Petite always had an itch for more, it wasn’t her passion. Towards the end of 2012 Petite resigned from her role and began living a life that was meaningful to me rather than to conform to societies expectations of what a “life” should be.

In 2013 Petite set herself a “365 days of buy nothing new challenge” and she began her blog “Petite Fromage”. She travelled to Europe twice and had an incredible journey through Hungary, Germany, Austraia, Switzerland, France and Spain. Her interests vary, there isn’t a topic she doesn’t find interesting. Nutrition, science, social issues, psychology, art.. the list really continues. She generally have several projects going at any given time! Her main passion however is travel and photography. The world is such a big and beautiful place filled with so many interesting people! You can watch the National Geographic or other documentaries but to experience these moments first hand are incredible and life changing! What she love’s the most about travelling is not so much the perfect days where you sit in a hammock and do nothing, it’s the days that challenge you and can be a little confronting. Her favourite memories are definitely the unexpected moments.

This year Her goal is to improve my writing and photography skills, to kick-start a project She have been planning for over a year and to travel to Canada or South America. The quote She try live by is “go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
About the Picture: She was given the opportunity to present a documentary on Underwater Hockey in an television studio in Eger, Hunagry. This was taken after we had finished recording – She was wearing her pyjamas to make the experience a little more memorable!

Newsana’s Top New Member – Jesse Maida



Newsana’s top new member is Jesse Maida!


Jesse was raised in the small town of Beeton, Ontario which has a population of just under 4,000. At the age of 19 he left the small town of Beeton to attend the University of Guelph-Humber where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in media studies and a diploma in journalism. His studies are now being put to great use in the big city of Toronto where is the social media and marketing executive for BusinessVibes, a B2B social platform for global trade professionals. He produces content for their blog and website, while specializing in driving traffic to websites via social media platforms.

Jesse is very family oriented which probably stems from his Italian heritage roots. The same could be said for his passion for sports, especially soccer. In his 19 years of playing this sport, it was on the soccer pitch where Jesse learned valuable teamwork, leadership and communication skills which he puts to use every day in his current work position. He hopes to one day start his own soccer camp for kids in his home town and the other small surrounding communities.

When not watching, playing or reading about various sports, you will find Jesse at live music events all over the world. He likes to travel to different countries and experience the different cultures within each music festival, his latest adventure being the Tomorrowland festival located in Belgium which took place in July. Next stop, Australia.

For more information Visit:

 Twitter: @BusinessVibes 

FaceBook:  BusinessVibes

Newsana Community Member Profile – Martin Pelletier


Martin is a passionate about everything self-help!  It started from a deep interest in psychology in his early 20s which slowly transitioned to topics related to spirituality and holistic healing in his 30s.  Martin is also an experienced traveler, having set foot on more than 35 countries over 4 continents.  Originally from Quebec City, Canada, he also lived in Scotland, Germany, Belgium and California.  It was more than an obvious choice to complete his bachelor’s and master’s degree in international relations!  Martin speaks fluent French and English, as well as good German and some Spanish.  He is just a few months old in the blogging world but he already holds vast aspirations of becoming an even better personal growth reference than his model, Bob Proctor.

What makes a great social media site?

Interactions! It’s great when you start recognizing a name because the person is an active participant. When you start liking someone’s content, you want to read more and you get excited about the upcoming articles!

Where do you go for great content online? Why there?

Funnily enough, I like to stay away from the web as a source of information. I prefer to get my knowledge from good old physical books, and then transfer what I read to the world through my blog posts. As I’m usually adding more titles to my “to read” list, this leaves me little time to read on the internet. My best lessons come from century old books which have passed the test of time.

What’s your favourite type of content (infographics, interviews, thought pieces, studies, etc) and why?

I like interviews a lot since they allow you to know someone better. I’m very interested in people: their belief systems, their thoughts, the lessons they learned and who they are.

Which of your Newsana pitches are you most proud of?

The ones that made it to the “Top 5 Pitches of the Week” and the one which had a featured tweet:  Self-Help Perseverance

What’s the best part of Newsana?

It’s Canadian! I love seeing the readership go up every time I log in. It keeps me motivated to write every day!

Newsana Community Member Profile – Marie Lamensch


Marie was born in Belgian but has lived in Germany, France, Canada and the UK. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in History (specialization Genocide studies) at Montreal’s Concordia University, Marie volunteered in a clinic for malnourished children in Ghana and then went to Rwanda for two months to work for a local NGOs for post-genocide victims. In 2010, she moved to London, UK, where she completed a Master’s degree in Conflict, Security and Development at King’s College London. Marie wrote her dissertation on the challenges of post-genocide reconciliation in Rwanda.

Currently, Marie works as the Assistant to the Director at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS). She contributes to the Institute’s various projects and manages a team of interns who work on MIGS’ Media Monitoring Project, which is intended to provide early warning of genocide and mass atrocity crimes. Marie also works on MIGS’ Will to Intervene Project, conducting research on genocide prevention and organizing the project’s events. In her spare time, Marie’s enjoys travelling and reading.

What makes a great social media site?

Three words: usability, accessibility and clarity. If the website is not user-friendly, then I can easily give up. The goal is to get to the content fast and easily.

Where do you go for great content online? Why there?

Because I read several newspaper articles (in German, French and English) a day I usually go to my favourite newspaper websites first. I also have several blogs that I visit twice a week or so. If I want the latest news, Twitter is the best platform. It’s also great to get a hold of articles I would never had been aware of I stuck only to my top newspapers.

What’s your favourite type of content (infographics, interviews, thought pieces, studies, etc) and why?

I think they all have their pros. Infographics are a great to visualize data. I do think you have to be careful when analyzing them but they are an effective way to communicate knowledge in a condensed way. The main problem I see is that they are too generic – you do have to dig deeper in order to fully understand an issue.

Thought pieces are probably my favourite type of content because, if the author is good, he/she is going to get the facts right and is going to really analyze an issue and its consequences. I like getting an author’s point of view because I feel like I can agree or disagree, and then make up my own mind. It goes beyond reading an article that is only going to give the facts and you can engage with the content.

Which of your Newsana pitches are you most proud of?

Anything related to mass atrocity prevention, especially in countries that people don’t think about or don’t even know exist. Burma and the Central African Republic would be two of them. Everybody think Burma has embarked on a large range of reforms, which is true, but human rights abuses are also being committed that not a lot of people are aware of. For the Central African Republic, I think the problem is that many people just think of it as another complicated issue in Africa. The situation is worse than chaotic right now but the general public, and many policy makers, are not really engaged.

What’s the best part of Newsana?

The different themes are interesting and somewhat different from other news website. For example, there is a section on the responsibility to protect. The section is still growing but a good way to raise awareness on issues related to mass atrocity prevention. For an Institute like MIGS, it’s good opportunity to raise awareness to our cause.

Because the members themselves create the content, Newsana is a good way to see the issue people are interested in. Often, you’ll read content that cannot necessarily be found in mainstream media. For example, I’ve been reading a lot about LGBT rights, something that you don’t necessarily see everyday on TV or in newspapers. Newsana is a different and innovative way to consume news.

MIGS and Newsana also recently organized a live chat on the conflict in Syria. It’s an excellent way to get practitioners and the general public together. They can debate and discuss, raise awareness on an issue, and learn from each other. Having a news site that allows experts to answer the questions of the general public is something that is crucial I think because they don’t often get the opportunity to interact.

Newsana’s Top New Member Profile – Scott Johnson


Newsana’s top new member is Scott Johnson!


Scott is a plant-based food blogger for Better Forks and an IT Manager at UF Health.  He is an avid researcher and student of food who is pursuing health and nutrition certifications to further assist individuals who come to him for advice.  Scott’s first free eBook titled, “One Plant at a Time” is a guide that was written for those who are curious about a plant-based diet but not sure where to begin the journey.  Scott currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Neva, their two kids, Ty and Landon and their family dog Jack. Follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottInFL or on Facebook at BetterForks.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this week’s Top New Member Contest, you have plenty of time to win next week’s contest.

In case you need a reminder on writing a winning pitch, read here!

Happy Pitching!

Recap: Toronto’s Watergate? The inside scoop on how the media exposed Rob Ford

On Thursday, November 28th, Newsana hosted a sold out paneled discussion on how the media exposed Rob Ford. Participants included Michael Cooke: Editor, Toronto Star; Robyn Doolittle: City Hall Reporter, Toronto Star; Andrew Coyne: Columnist, National Post; and Greg McArthur: National Reporter, Globe and Mail. CEO of Newsana, Ben Peterson moderated.

With such an amazing group of participants the discussion was exactly what you would expect – interactive, informative and at times a bit heated. But of course, there was plenty of comedic moments when talking about Rob Ford’s blunders.

Here are a few shots from last week’s event.





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Elevate the conversation.

Newsana Community Member Profile – David Peck

David Peck 2012

David Peck is a respected speaker on various topics including: international development, CSR and ‘the power of little things.’ He has a BA in Philosophy from York University as well as an MA in Philosophy from the University of Guelph. In addition David has also successfully obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in International Development from Humber College where he is now a lecturer.

David also started the growing social justice conference series called yChange, which has brought well-known speakers on issues of justice, international and community development to Toronto, Vancouver and Hong Kong.

As a social entrepreneur, in 2008 he founded SoChange, a groundbreaking organization that works alongside members of the corporate, not-for-profit and non-governmental community in areas such as fundraising, advocacy, and capacity building.

In his free time David enjoys reading, wine collecting and watching documentary films.

What makes a great social media site?

Something that is easy to access. Willing to post the tough stories. Up to date. Timely and interactive.

Where do you go for great content online? Why there?

Usually I have about 3 or 4 sites I use on a regular basis – The Economist, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, Adbusters, Mother Jones, New Internationalist, UTNE, Rabble, BBC, Al Jazeera.

All these sites give me a broad understanding of what’s going on in the world. I’m looking for perspective and once you’ve done the reading and the research you can get a sense for where you can go for a particular topic.

What’s your favorite type of content (info graphics, interviews, thought pieces, studies, etc) and why?

Thought pieces and interviews. I like to be challenged and I think biography is a great way for that to happen. I’m interested in getting a variety of perspectives from a variety of worldviews. It helps me to remember who I am, while challenging me to take my thinking tot he next level.

Which of your Newsana pitches are you most proud of?

 World Toilet Day

Stormy Weather

Just Not Enough

American Psychosis

Justice and The Killing Fields

What’s the best part of Newsana?

It has a fresh, unique style to it that I really like. It’s easy to use and full of great content.


Newsana has Partnered with the Huntington Society of Canada

Newsana is happy to announce a partnership with the Huntington Society of Canada under the Human Rights category.

We are happy to have the Huntington Society of Canada on board because they are working to end Genetic Discrimination.

What is Genetic Discrimination?

Genetic discrimination occurs when people are treated unfairly because of actual or perceived differences in their genetic information that may cause or increase the risk to develop a disorder or disease.

Genetic information is complicated and should not be used against us. This type of discrimination affects more than just those with Huntington disease, we are all at risk.

Who is the Huntington Society of Canada?

The Huntington Society of Canada a not-for-profit charitable organization which raises funds to deliver individual and group counselling service to support individuals and families living with Huntington disease (HD) and to fund medical research to delay or stop the progression of the disease. The Society also works with health and social services professionals to enable them to better serve people living with HD.

The Huntington Society of Canada aspires to a world free from Huntington disease. The Society maximizes the quality of life of people living with HD by:

Delivering services;

Enabling others to understand the disease; and

Furthering research to slow and prevent Huntington disease

Facts about Huntington Disease:

Huntington disease is a fatal hereditary brain disorder.

A child born to a parent with HD has a 50% chance of sharing the same fate.

1 in every 1,000 Canadians is impacted by HD.

Currently there in no known cure for Huntington disease.

The Big Picture:

MY REALITY… I have a 50% CHANCE of inheriting Huntington disease and my genetic test results will tell my fate.

CANADA’S REALITY… Genetic testing is available to all Canadians. WE ARE ALL AT RISK of our genetic information being used against us in Canada. Canada is the only G8 country that DOES NOT PROTECT its citizens from genetic discrimination.

At Newsana we believe in equality, and discrimination does not fit in to that picture. That is one of many reasons we are happy to have the Huntington Society of Canada on board. You will see them in our Human Rights category and you can visit them at –

Newsana’s Top New Member Profile – Vass Bednar


Newsana is happy to announce this week’s top new member is Vass Bednar!


Vass Bednar is a Senior Policy Advisor at Queen’s Park. The Action Canada Fellow also holds her Master of Public Policy (MPP) from the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance (2010). Fresh out of school, Vass worked as a Research Associate for Richard Florida at the Martin Prosperity Institute (a think tank). The tidal-wave feminist hopes to make public policy more fun (government/policy-relevant gaming is her end game) and she has spoken at TEDxToronto as well as hosted. The wannabe wonx star loves public policy, Canada, basketball, and spends time thinking about why things are the way they are and how they can be better.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this week’s Top New Member Contest, you have plenty of time to win next week’s contest.

In case you need a reminder on writing a winning pitch, read here!

Happy Pitching!