Newsana has a new owner

Dear Newsanaites,

It is with great joy (and a touch of grieving) that I hereby announce has been purchased by my friends at Relish Interactive.

Don’t worry – Newsana is in good hands. Relish has vowed to not only keep Newsana up and running, but to take our community to the next level.

Relish is one of Toronto’s most accomplished digital development shops, with a growing portfolio of digital content startups under their roof. Newsana will fit right in there – especially considering their team has played a huge role in building Newsana from day one. All said, I’m confident that under Relish’s watch will only get stronger with age.

On a personal note, thank you. Thank you for being a part of Newsana and thank you for making this one of the most rewarding periods of my professional life. I’ve learned heaps about start-ups, digital media, management and myself. I even know a little about coding, hipsters and cat photos now. It’s been a great ride (except for the damn cat photos)!

Warm Regards,
Ben Peterson


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